Ice In The Fields

For clarification: The NHL has deemed it’s regular season completed. There will be a 2 step, 24 team, Stanley Cup Playoff.

Step 1 will be a best of 5 “Play In” round featuring the lower seeded 16 teams. The top 8 (split into East/West groups of 4) will play in a round robin style tourney to determine Playoff ranking.

Step 2 will be a traditional “Playoff” with 16 teams.

There are lots of different angles we can take this. We can make this real simple, or we can have some fun with it.

Below I’ve outlined a wide variety of options that we can look at. Some with crowning a 2019/20 Champ – and trophy engraving (infinite mortality), others with moving on and calling it a day. Some in between.

At the bottom of these descriptions there will be an informal survey. The survey will consist of all of the options presented. Please rank your choices in order of preference (ie: preferred = #1, 2nd choice #2 etc)

1: Refund Everyone who paid get’s there $ back. No champ this year. We start fresh next season.

2: Entry Fee Carry Over Next year’s entry fee is $40. Those who have paid already have their $ carry over, those that haven’t need to pay $40 next year. No champ this year. Start fresh next season.

3: Entry Fee Carry Over Partial Keepers Many are unsatisfied that their drafted players were unable to bring them home to glory, so they’d like a crack at using them again. Here’s how it would work. Fee structures is same as above, but with some RETAINED PLAYERS. Each member would be allowed to keep up to 3 of their originally drafted players. To keep those players you will lose corresponding draft picks for the upcoming season. Example: If Derry wanted to keep “Joe Hockey” who was his original 2nd round pick, he would then lose his 2020/21 2nd pick etc. Players picked up on waivers would be equivalent pick to the player that was dropped for them.

4: Classic Playoff Pool (a) – After the conclusion of the “Play In” round, the teams that qualified for our playoffs do a classic re-draft of all the players available in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Scoring system would be G = 1pt, A = 1pt, no goalies or hits etc. Team with the most points at the end is the champ. They get the pay out and their name on the Trophy. (Payouts would be similar in structure to our norm. Original division winners, 1st place and 2nd place)

5: Classic Playoff Pool (b) – Same as above but the player selection begins is before the “Play In” round with those points counting as well.

6: Classic Playoff Pool Expanded Tourney (a) – Same system as CPP(a), but in the spirit of the NHL adding 50% more teams than normal, the entire IITF league is eligible to join the tourney. (Not just those that made our playoffs)

7: Classic Playoff Pool Expanded Tourney (b) – Same as above, but with player selection coming before the “Play In” round.

Options 4-7 I imagine would be done manually, unless I find a site that handles it.

Let me know if you need any clarification on the above formats.

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