All UFC cards will be bet on.

The top 5 fights on each card are to be bet on.

Point breakdown:

Fighter: 3pts

Finish: 2pts (except for Decision, which is 1pt)

Round: 1pt

*Please select latest round (3 or 5) if you pick Decision to receive full points.

Must get the fighter correct to receive points on the round and finish.

If picks are not in by the start time of the card, that member will be assigned underdogs via 1st KO as their selections – IMPORTANT – These points will not count towards the month. At the discretion of the commissioner picks for fights that have yet to happen may be recorded as they were entered.

If a fight is cancelled, or a fighter is replaced after picks are sent out for the week and members have started to submit, the number of fights on the card will be reduced accordingly.

If there is a 3 way tie or more for a month, the pot is pushed to the following month.

$10 per month. $5 of which goes to the monthly winner, and $5 of which goes to the yearly total.

End of the year the payouts will be $716.30 (1st), $345.80 (2nd) and $172.92 (3rd) – ($25 for the cost of the website)  – based on 21 members in 2022. New members are to pay first 3 months in advance by e-transfer to

Payouts will be done by e-transfer at the end of the year, or by request once an individual has had their year paid in full.

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